The Trasher

Updates late August

Aunt Sally

Though a bit later than usual our Aunt Sally night will be on the Friday 29th August at the Fox in Steventon.

Paddle followed by pub

As the forcast is less than suitable for a decent pub paddle, i have amended it to a paddle followed by pub. I will be at the hut for 9.30 to pick up kit and then probably heading towards Culham though will see who is about.

Taster session

Wednesday 27th August is the next taster session.
I am happy to cover for this but if someone wants to join me help is always welcome (depending on numbers).

Monthly meeting

Wednesday 3rd September is the next monthly meeting at the Fox in Steventon after the normal paddling session.

Pyranha Fest

Darren kindly volunteered to organise a KCC trip at the Tryweryn on the Pyranha fest week end from 19-21st September. If you are interested, please let him know.

Tony’s Dart Week end

As mentioned in the last email this will be on the 17-19th October. The annual trip is ideal for this years beginners.
Forms are reattached. Don’t forget to give money and form to Tony. For reference he is always present at the monthly meeting so bringing in the money on the 3rd September will allow you to be on time and deliver in person.

Mid July Updates

We will start with a bit of the Chairmans Waffle…It’s been a while, and we (meaning mainly I) have been a bit lax on the organising front this year so I thought I would write a few word to rectify that and pass on a few important messages.

Rather fantastically, we seem to have just shy of a hundred members at the moment which is a record for the club. It does mean however that there are a lot of faces out there that I don’t recognise so if you see me around on the river please introduce yourself or come along to the next monthly meeting after paddling on 6th of August to see what’s going on around the club.


Anyway a few notes..


  • Hut Rota - we will be putting together a formal rota with names of those who have volunteered to open up the hut on Wednesday evenings and make sure everything is running smoothly shortly. We’ve been a bit lax on this lately which has led to some somewhat disorganised evenings.
    So for the forthcoming date:
    23rd July – Ludo
    (I do need volunteer who have keys and are happy to do a bit of organisation to let me know so that I can update a list of who is guaranteed to be there – so please please please volunteers, if you know you will be out in forthcoming Wednesday, let me know)



  • Kit Use – We will soon be installing a whiteboard in the hut for members to log boats in and out when they are using them. We expect anyone who is using club equipment to record their use of the kit, even for organised sessions i.e. Wednesday evenings. Hopefully 23rd will be the first session to run with this. i


  • Monthly Meeting - the next monthly meeting is on 6th August and we are changing the venue to the Fox in Steventon this is right next door to the Cherry Tree so you should have no problem finding it. We would ideally like to find a suitable pub for the meetings in Abingdon, if you’ve any suggestions please let me know.


Finally here is an outline of all the events that we have planned  for the remainder of 2014. if you’ve any dates to add please let Ludo or myself know. Volunteers who wishes to organise local pub paddle during the summer let Ludo know.



  • Tryweryn Trip – Provisionally 9th/10th August. Suitable for anyone capable of paddling at 2 star level and beyond. The river is dam released and they don’t publish releases until the week before so if there is no water we’ll do a day trip to Cardiff International White Water Centre instead. Simon is organising.


  • Symonds Yat Trip - Chris Bloomer is organising this on the 16th August (saturday). If interested, please let him know. Suitable for all.


  • Nene Whitewater Centre – A trip to the artificial course near Northampton especially aimed at this years beginners. 25th August. Contact Louise for details.


  • Foundation Safety and Rescue (FSRT) Course –  31st August, Louise is organising please contact her for details. Note that you need to be of 2 star standard for this course.


  • Pools Sessions – early Oct onwards dates to be confirmed


  • Tonys Dart trip – Date to be confirmed in late October. An excellent introduction to whitewater paddling for anyone capable of paddling at 1 star level and beyond. Note a 5 star award in drinking may be helpful!


  • Scotland Trip – Fred’s legendary scotland trip for those looking to paddle harder (grade 4) water. 25th – 1st October. Contact Fred Wondre for details.


  • KCC Christmas Meal incorporating the clubs 40th birthday celebrations. Nov / Dec, Ludo would appreciate some help organising with the invites. If I can get a feel for possible numbers, I can start looking for venues


Right that’s all folks, happy paddling.


Upcoming dates

Monthly Meeting

Evening all. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the monthly meeting. Probably starting round 9pm as with the clock change light is back in the evening and we can paddle before hand.

Wednesday Paddling

For those who want to get back out again with the sunshine, there should be some people with a key. As its the first wednesday I have not had any volunteers for hut duty, but would expect that they will be at least one person around.

For those keener on some white water action – Hurley round 6pm…not a weir for beginners on 3 gates…

2 star training

Louise is starting the 2 star training on Thursday from 6.15pm


There are a couple of trips taking shape in the coming months, starting with the Lake trip organised by Owen on the 12-13 April.

Following on this, North Wales over the Easter Week end for paddling/walking action depending on water levels etc…


Stiched up: First Aid Course

That'll keep her quiet!This weekend marked the occasion of what is becoming an annual event, a 16 hour first aid course course for members of both KCC and Pathfinders Youth canoe Club.

The two day Rescue Emergency Care (REC) course was run in Abingdon for us by Getafix Coaching ( Tailored so that its directly relevant for paddling the course was a fantastic experience for those who needed a refresher and those who hadn’t done any first aid training previously.

If you haven’t done any first aid training before I’d thoroughly recommend doing this course, especially if you’re going to be out paddling with me! As I get older I like to think that I’m going to be looked after!

No doubt we’ll be running another course next year so if you haven’t been on one before or you need updating remember to sign up.

Introduction to Canoe Polo

Introduction to Canoe Polo

New to boating? Paddled rivers for 20 years? All can play, open to anyone!

Polo is a kayaking game for two teams, aimed at paddlers who like all of the ‘grrr’ of boating, but don’t like organising shuttles, making portages, or chasing rain! Each team of 5 tries to throw a ball into the opposing team’s net, whilst avoiding being rammed, pushed in, or paddled over.

Polo combines paddling and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game, promoting teamwork, general canoeing skills, and a range of other techniques unique to the sport. More generally though, it’s just great fun!

Every 4th Sunday, 9:00 – 11:20am
Beginning Sunday 30th March, then 27th April; 25th May; 22nd June.

Brookes Sport Botley
Harcourt Hill Campus

How much?
£35 for four pool sessions, kit hire, and coaching.

Contact for more information!

Improvers Trip to South Wales – 14th-16th March 2014

Four of us made our way to Brecon on Friday evening, and having established ourselves in our town centre luxury holiday let adjourned to the nearest pub. Unfortunately it had the loudest jukebox in the world so we soon found ourselves back in the flat planning the next day’s paddling. We were looking for Grade 2 stuff to start with and settled on the Crai possibly followed by part of the Usk as a plan. A game of Cards Against Humanity (blame Chris) and a very late night followed.

Nick arrived bright and early the next morning and off we went. Then things started to go wrong! Firstly low water level in the Crai made it un-paddleable, then Nick’s car started misbehaving. So back to Brecon to find a garage. They couldn’t fix it, but deemed it driveable.

The plan then changed to the Usk. Having set up our shuttle we put in by the army camp at Sennybridge and paddled the 6km down to Aberbran. There was just about enough water but Nick in particular had his rock finding antenna finely tuned. The more experienced members, however, somehow managed to avoid them all. There were a couple of out of boat experiences – apparently Paul wanted to practice his roll and Nick to test his new drysuit!

The luxury of a hot shower was followed by a Nepalese meal, a few beers, another game of Cards Against Humanity and an earlier night.

Nick left sunday morning to nurse his car back home. Dave, Darren & Jamie were joining us for the day and the plan was to meet them at Builth Wells and paddle part of the Wye. On arrival things went wrong again! There was not enough water, the river was full of fly fishermen and we discovered that paddling access had finished the day before. Doh!

The plan then changed to the Wye at Symonds Yat where we found far better water level and flow. We firstly paddled upstream to the ‘slide in rock’ then back down to the rapids and played for a couple of hours. The flow was higher than usual resulting in another couple of out of boat experiences – something to do with edging!

A very enjoyable weekend. Thanks to Chris for the organisation, especially on the accommodation, food and weather.

John Attree

Hurley is Back

Yes, as the title indicates, Hurley is back to the right levels. And what best to spend a nice Sunday afternoon than a great blus sky, a relatively clean river, and a great 3 gates levels at Hurley.

Thanks to Simon’s suggestion, a little crowd from KCC invaded the weir pool for some late Sunday afternoon action on the wave. It was great fun for the older and newer paddlers alike and Iain seems to have had a great first time…

All in all, a great day, good surf and great company… Let’s now hope that the river remains at this level for some more fun…

2014 Kayaking Introduction Courses

This course is designed to introduce novices to a range of skills and knowledge required to begin kayaking. The sessions will cover safety, paddle strokes, equipment, capsizing etc.

Wilsham Road, Abingdon between the rowing club and sailing club.

Tuesdays for six weeks. 13th May to 17th June.
Thursdays for six weeks. Starting 15th and 29th May to14th to 26th June. No session on 22nd May
(Please choose Tuesday or Thursday)

Optional BCU 1 star test and club BBQ after both courses.

6.15 pm to 9.00pm approx.

You would be 18 years or over and be able to swim 50 metres in your clothes.

Kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet and spray deck will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own if you have this equipment.

To kayak in: Neoprene shoes/wet-suit boots (not trainers!), lightweight windproof jacket, tracksuit or thermal trousers (or shorts if warm). Thermal t-shirt, woolly jumper or fleece. YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO GET WET IN THESE CLOTHES. Towel and change of clothes.

Minimal – We work from the riverbank, but we do have a toilet.

Tuesdays: Tom Rawlings–UKCC L2 Coach.

Thursdays: Louise Royle – BCU L4, UKCC L2 Coach.

£100. This includes membership of KCC until Dec 2014. Please specify which day you are applying for, cheques should be made payable to Kingfisher Canoe Club. Please contact Louise to reserve a place. Spaces allocated to first cheques received only.

Louise Royle Tel: 01235 847528 or Email