The Trasher

Improvers’ Course 2015

To improve moving water and 2 star skills including rescues.

Thursday evenings 6.15pm to 9.00pm approx.
6 weeks commencing 30th July

This course is open to KCC members. You should be 1 star level or above.
Places are limited by the availability of equipment. Please let me know if you have your own equipment when you book a place.

Louise Royle (L4IK, UKCCL2, TL3),
David Mattingly (UKCCL2)

£30 if you have all your own equipment.
£60 if you need to borrow club equipment

To book a place send your details and the course fee to:
Louise Royle
5 Drayton Rd
Sutton Courtenay
Oxon OX14 4AJ
Tel 01235 847528

Abingdon Fun in the Park

KCC and Pathfinders will have a stall at the Fun in the Park event at Abbey Grounds in Abingdon on Saturday 6th June from 1100-1500. This is a free event intended as a fun (oddly enough) family event with stalls from lots of local clubs as well as a variety of entertainment. See here for more details.

If you are interested in helping out on the KCC/Pathfinders stall or want more information, contact David Surman at, otherwise feel free to just turn up and say hello.


The annual KCC Blastathon competing for the Chris Wheeler Memorial Trophy will take place on Sunday 7th June at 1700 at Abingdon Weir, or meeting at the club site on Wilsham road at 1600 to paddle up to the weir. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a friendly playboating competition with an emphasis on getting everyone involved, so no need to worry if you’re a beginner, just come along and have a go.

This will be followed by a BYO BBQ at the club site, probably at around 1900 depending on how long the competition takes.

Although there is no entry fee, this year we will be asking participants and spectators for a contribution to a Nepal earthquake fund which will be passed to Darren Clarkson-King. Daz is a well known kayaker who works in Nepal as a kayak and raft guide, and has been using his local contacts and access to remote locations to provide aid to people in places that have often seen little help from the main international aid efforts. See here for more information.

For more information, contact David Surman at

Whitewater kayaking introduction courses

This course is designed to introduce novices to a range of skills and knowledge required to begin kayaking. The sessions will cover safety, paddle strokes, equipment, capsizing etc.

Wilsham Road, Abingdon between the rowing club and sailing club.

Tuesdays for six weeks. 12th May  to 23th June. No session on 26th May
Thursdays for six weeks. 14th May to 25th June. No session on 28th May
(Please choose Tuesday or Thursday)

Optional BCU 1 star test and club BBQ after both courses.

6.15 pm to 9.00pm approx.

You would be 18 years or over and  be able to swim 50 metres in your clothes.

Kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet and spray deck will be provided.
Please feel free to bring your own if you have this equipment.

To kayak in: Neoprene shoes/wet-suit boots (not trainers!), lightweight windproof jacket, tracksuit or thermal trousers (or shorts if warm).
Thermal t-shirt, woolly jumper or fleece. YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO GET WET IN THESE CLOTHES. Towel and change of clothes.

Minimal – We work from the riverbank, but we do have a toilet. Parking is off site, so it is best to arrive changed for the river, with your dry kit in a bag.

Tuesdays: Neil Jordon–UKCC L2 Coach
Thursdays: David Mattingly– UKCC L2 Coach

£100. This includes membership of KCC until Dec 2015. Please specify which day you are applying for, cheques should be made payable to Kingfisher Canoe Club. Please contact Louise Royle to reserve a place. Spaces allocated to first cheques received only.

Louise Royle Tel: 01235 847528 or Email

End of November Updates

Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be on this coming Wednesday December 3rd, at The Fox in Steventon. Meeting up from around 2000.

Pool Session

And quick on the heels of that, the next pool session is on Thursday December 4th, from 2000-2200 at Our Lady’s Abingdon school.

Christmas Meal

The KCC Christmas meal and anniversary is just a couple of weeks away. If you haven’t got your details and/or payment to Ludo yet, get on it as soon as possible.

Gene 17

The Gene17 adventure paddlers weekend is happening at the Dart next weekend. It may be too late to book an actual bunkhouse, but some people plan on camping anyway so there’s always the opportunity to join in at the last minute.

Mid-September Updates

Xmas Meal/40th KCC Anniversary

Hey, the date for the joint Xmas meal/KCC Anniversary has been set for the 13th December – Saturday and will take place at Cosener’s House in Abingdon (it’s by the Abbey ground). The menu can be found below

If you can for the time being let me know if you are planning on coming this would be great. You can let me Ludoknow by email or alternatively join the event which Simon kindly created on Facebook and invited all KCC members. There is also a post on the Facebook group which I bring back to the top from time to time.

More details to follow but I am sure that Surman will be organising the River raffle…


Its this time of year again. It is scheduled for the 5th November at 7pm at the Abbey Sailing Club house which is next door to our site. If I could you some volunteers that could be in charge of organising some food that would be great. Doesn’t need to be complicated but if someone could be in charge greatly appreciated.

Also important is the fact that few of us are stepping down after some years of service:

  • Simon will be leaving the position of Chairman
  • Fattaur I believe will be leaving the position of Membership secretary
  • I will be leaving the position of Secretary.

It is always good to have some volunteers that can help run the club whether new or older members, any help is appreciated. If you are interested in the positions come and have a chat with one of us and we will be able to e

As always I will be in charge of preparing a year at KCC presentation so any photos, videos etc of your paddling that you would like to share with the club, please send them through to me so that I can included them (a description is always helpful).

Now on the paddling front…

Tony’s Dart Weekend

This is coming on 18th-19th October. If you haven’t booked yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Pool Session

They are starting soon with dates for this side of Xmas being 6 and 20th November and 4th December.

Paddling week end at the Dart

Steve Fisher is coming to give a talk at the Dart Country Park on the 15th November. The plan was to make a week end of it (I also think its the River source festival which has coaching etc…). Being not the most organised person at the moment, my plan was to camp as this allows flexibility in case of absence of water (or at least for the Saturday). However if some people preferred the comfort of beds, I can have a look for accommodation.

This wouldn’t be so much a club trip and would be aimed at the more advanced paddlers as we would aim for rivers like the Upper Dart or Erme (grade 4) etc depending on what’s running. If interested, please let Ludo know.